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Cloud Gaming

Where developers take the lead in crafting accessible, customizable, and profitable cloud gaming experiences.

Ownership & Control

Empower developers with complete control over their cloud gaming platforms, enabling them to customize and shape gaming experiences to fit their creative vision.

Innovative billing model

Introducing an innovative meterage system for fair billing based on actual consumption. This transparent model enables developers of all sizes to manage expenses efficiently.

Easy to use & accessible

Simplify game publishing with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop approach, ensuring developers of all expertise levels can effortlessly bring their games to the cloud.

Adaptive scaling for growth

Experience a scalable platform that adapts to your ambitions, expanding seamlessly with increasing game traction. This frees developers to focus on limitless creativity and innovation.

World class backing

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Crafting your gaming universe

Seamless userflow: from creation to upload, setting prices and beyond

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Set your Game details

Tailor your game with ease. Fine-tune every detail to create a captivating gaming experience that reflects your vision.

Upload it

Effortlessly upload, preview, and test your game on our platform. Seamlessly bring your creation to life, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for both you and your players

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Monetize your Game

Set prices, determine your share, and offer free trials effortlessly. Take control of your revenue model for gaming success.

They talk about us

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“It’s a lesson the bigger cloud players would do well to pay attention to.”

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“The burgeoning modern taste for retro gaming is leading to entirely new mass participation social gaming experiences”

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“It’s insane, it’s clearly black magic"”

Dual-tiered solution

We offer a dual-tiered solution tailored to the diverse needs of developers in the gaming industry.

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The Essential Plan is your comprehensive 
package for seamless game publishing. Unlock a suite of powerful feature.

  • Hassle-free build uploads
  • Pricing customization
  • Revenue based on usage
  • Instant cloud play
  • Free trial offer
  • Exclusive revenue model
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The Enterprise Plan is designed for industry leaders, offering an advanced suite of features for game publishing and additional consumer content.

  • All listed in Essential
  • Video on demand
  • Chat (audio and text)
  • Beta testing and early access features
  • Dedicated developer support
  • Collaborative features customization
  • And so much more...
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