We are on a mission to
Democratize Cloud Gaming

Engage and monetize your audience with your own cloud-gaming platform.
Easy Setup. Cross-Devices. Accessible.

⚡️ Top multiplayer
cloud-gaming tech

Our proprietary cloud-based streaming architecture enables retro games emulation at scale.
We are the only company on the market offering cloud multiplayer for retro games.
High performances. Low latency. Multiplayer.
(Up to 10x less costly that "classic" streaming).

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🌎 Tested by over
10M players worldwide

Our platform had over 10M users in the last two years. We served over 100 countries with spectacular feedback both from the users and the press.

Upload your ROMs on Jam

🍿 Social & interactive

Playing together has never been that fun & simple.
Just 1-clic is needed to invite up to 8 friends into their room. Interact via
text or voice for some timeless fun!

Upload your ROMs on Jam

🕶 Cross-devices by design

At home or on the go, we bring gaming to your customers' favorite surface: web, desktop, mobile and soon on TVs.

Upload your ROMs on Jam

🎮 Accessible, even without a gamepad

Accessibility is at heart of our approach. Because not every one have a keyboard & gamepad, we enable any smartphone to become the controller, and a controller that is adapted to each game.

Mobile Controller App

🎨 Fully customizable

Our white-labeled platform allows our partners to create and customize the platform to fit their brand DNA.

Mobile Controller App

🤝 They trust us

Our platform was backed by YCombinator, Lego Ventures, Makers Fund and Serena Capital. We worked with some of the most awesome gaming brands out there.

Mobile Controller App
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